Rehabilitation Training


In my years working as a personal trainer with clients there was a clear moment where I realised that MOST PEOPLE have an injury.

It sounds like a very dramatic statement but it’s very close to the truth. Most people have or are very close to injury. This can be down to several factors from inactivity to overactivity (yep overdoing it can cause injury just as much as not being active).

In the journey to be the best trainer I could possibly be it became very apparent that further knowledge of injury and how to help fix injury was the next step.

I had worked with clients before with the usual bad backs, knee pain etc but they don’t teach you how to handle this in your Level 3 Personal Training courses! SO, I decided to further my education specialise within this.

It has been within this group of clients that I have found to get the most satisfying results of my carrier. I will give you three examples of how good rehabilitation training CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

(I have changed names for these stories for the protection of the client.)

Barbara ****** - 68 years Old - Osteoporosis & Hypertension

Barbara came to me in May 2017. She had been referred by her GP due to her morbidities & co-morbidities. Barbra’s biggest barrier was that she suffered severely from pain. This caused her body to degrade to a level where she was unable to walk at an average pace. We Worked together over a 12-week process testing her limitations, programming appropriately & adapting as needed.

The road was not an easy one, but I was impressed with her dedication to the programme and trust she had in me to help her. It’s very easy within a rehab phase to get bored and try to push too hard too soon but Barbara was patent and by the end of her 12 weeks it showed.

We tested her with walking on a treadmill as 2 MPH for 20min. This was something she was unable to do even for 1min not only because her legs where not strong enough to move fast enough but also because it would cause pain.

I look this into consideration and focused on strengthening movements that she could do along with improvement flexibility and endurance with her legs.

At week 12 I was blown away by her final test result. She had progressed thought the weeks and had gotten onto the treadmill walks, But not just a light walk she was now doing incline walks at a relatively fast pace!!

I remember walking into our session as she was warming up and she had a great big smile marching away to herself on the tredmill.What was even more impressive was she then decided to continue after her 12 weeks and became a member to the gym! A FANTASTIC RESULT!

John ******* 52 Years Old - Car accident in 20's

Johns story is a sad one. A car accident in his 20's took away some of his youth and he was still feeling it in his 50's.

The accident left him in Acoma for several months and when he was discharged his legs had atrophied severely. Over 30 years later he came to me with a simple goal of getting "beach bod" ready for an upcoming holiday but the issue was he could barely move! John isn’t a stupid man he knew it would take time so he gave himself as much time as he could.

He had 2-3 Personal training sessions per week. I knew that I needed to juggle multiple balls with this one. I need him to move effectively, I need him to lose some body fat, get stronger & increase flexibility! it was a full plate!

Johns "story moment" came after working together for about 8 weeks. We had made some progress in the areas we needed to, and he was starting to move better. He slammed open the door to the gym arms out wide and shouted, "I DID IT" (yes a few turned heads followed) I asked him what he was talking about?

He then told me that the night before he had done something that he hadn’t been able to do since before the accident. He got out of a sounds anti-climactic, but the man hadn’t been able to stand out of a chair without excessive pushing and pain for OVER 30 YEARS!!!! (He then proceeded to start showing off his new-found flexibility by doing air squats in front of reception).

John was successful in achieving all of his goals while we worked together. He lost several stone, gained considerable strength not to mention he is now living pain free. WELL DONE JOHN.

Sophie ********* 36 Years Old - Depression, Anxiety

Not all rehabilitation is physical sometimes phycological factors can be helped with exercise.

Sophie stuffed heavily from anxiety & depression. It was such a brave step for her to even walk in the door to meet me. For the people reading this who know someone or suffer themselves from it know exactly what I mean by this.

Our objective was to make training as fun as possible so that she could use it as an effective tool for to her escape from her other stressors.

I watched Sophie turn into a completely new person with our time together. No longer the shy, anxious woman who was unable to keep eye contact with you let alone have a full conversation.

By the end of our sessions she would be full of new life and confidence. She would comment about factors in her life that would keep her down and how training had helped motivate her to be a better person and feel better about herself.

Sophie soon grew up the courage to ask for her long-awaited promotion that she hadn’t dare ask for and now is the assistant director within her company. CONGRATS!!

So now the stories are done with the big question everyone wants to know is how did I do it? How was I able to help these people with all their multiple issues?

The answer is adaption. It can be very easy for any trainer, therapist or physician to get wrapped up in their own individual way that they were shown on how to do things.

The biggest asset I have was my ability to adapt and change FOR THE CLIENTS NEEDS. There were days where pain was too much of an issue to perform the selected movements of that day. Sounds like the end of the world!! (oh no! now what do I do). No problem, we just moved on to something different or tried working the muscles differently. Can’t cycle today because knees hurt too much? No problem let’s get on the treadmill. Can’t get down to the floor to perform your core circuit because your back hurts too much? Don’t worry about it, Lets use mobility bands, bosu-ball & suspension trainers to work the core.

With this new open-minded attitude, you’re going to be able to make more appropriate decisions for your client and that’s ultimately what you are there for.

Evolve Training offers Rehabilitation training sessions upon request. Each session is progressive and can be for all types who have any sort of rehabilitation need.

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